Stock Bangladesh-Share Update | Android Application

The whole Stock market BANGLADESH at any time.You can track your favorite stocks and index from around the world ! News of the Stock market also allow you to track the stock market in the same application.

Let us help to make your visit to STOCK BANGLADESH even better.

stock_bangladesh_bannerFrom this app it will help to find –

  • Market Depth
  • Price Alert
  • News Archive
  • Minute Chart
  • Expert Analysis & Buy-Sell Signal
  • Technical Analysis
  • AGM & IPO News
  • Currency Conversion
  • Watchlist & Portfolio
  • Fast & Smooth Experience
  • Market Notification
  • Auto Refresh


Features provided in the app include :-

  1. First ever complete application for Bangladeshi stock market.
  2. Real time data parsed from best authentic source (i.e. STOCK BANGLADESH).
  3. DSEX, DS30 index showcasing in a colorful and user friendly interface.
  4. Value, volume and trade listing.
  5. Top 20 shares, Top 10 gainer/looser.
  6. Item list with Last Trade Price (LTP) and changes.
  7. Entire app is been designed in a way that user will get all similarity of DSE/CSE official website.
  8. Information will be cached to analysis when you are even offline!
  9. One Click data reset/ cache clear of data, watch list and portfolio.
  10. All share items with their details information and link to DSEBD.ORG,, website corresponding pages.
  11. Portfolio Management – This will help you to manage and keep track on your bought items with profit and loss calculation by
  12. DSE/CSE news and IPO information are also available.


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